About me

I have a diploma in Natural Nutrition, diplomas in Clinical and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy at practitioner level and I have been helping people to take control of their health for over ten years. Here's my story.

I was brought up on a 'homemade soup, meat and two veg' type of diet but with a heavy frosting of sugar - in whatever form I could get it. Through my 20s and 30s I lived on a diet of coffee, chocolate, wine and stress. Not a great combination for anyone. And certainly not a great combination for me. Although I would never have been described as unhealthy I had many minor issues that showed that my body wasn't coping with all the rubbish that I was piling in to it. I was frequently irritable, anxious, always had spots, bouts of acute sinusitis, regular headaches, insomnia, cellulite, weight gain, sugar cravings ... There was quite a list!

And then my Dad developed adult onset diabetes and that was my wake-up call. I could see very clearly that that was where I was heading. But at the rate I was going it would be at a much younger age. This happened to coincide with a period in my life when I was beginning to question the way that we medicate. I had just completed training as an Aromatherapist and so was fully conversant with the properties of essential oils and how they could be used to treat symptoms as an alternative to regular medication.

There was one particular occasion when I was advising a client on suitable oils to use to treat her recurring headaches when it occurred to me that it would be better to find out why she was getting the headaches in the first place; that using essential oils to remove the symptom was helpful but only in the short term. Find out the root cause, make a change there and you don't need any form of medication - natural or otherwise.

Despite my love affair with chocolate and my other 'drugs of choice' I had always been aware of the effects of food on the body. My Grandmother was a great one for relating symptoms to diet. There was a period of time in my teens when I suffered a headache every morning at school. When I complained to my Gran she immediately recognised that it was my 'no breakfast, Mars Bar on the bus' routine that was to blame. So I began to have a proper breakfast and the headaches stopped. Result!

In my early 20s I had even gone so far as undertaking a detox. I came across Lesley Kenton's 10 Day Detox Plan and was curious enough to try it out. A day of only apples, a day of only grapes followed by eight days of raw food, skin brushing and cold showers! It was hard but the results were well worth it. By the end of it my hair was shining, my eyes were sparkling and my skin was clear. I felt great. But being twenty-two and so thinking I was immortal (I also smoked in those days) I immediately went back to my old ways.

But I wasn't 20 any more. I was 40. I had two children and therefore a very keen sense of my own mortality. And so with the desire to expand my knowledge and also to hopefully avoid heading after my Dad down the road to diabetes I decided to continue my training as a complementary therapist with a Diploma in Natural Nutrition. To complement my nutritional training I took a Diploma in Allergy/Intolerance Testing.

Most of the clients I see come because they are suffering from digestive complaints; irritable bowel syndrome being the most common. Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis show up often too, as do migraines. These are all conditions that can be directly related to diet but which are also exacerbated by stress. There's really no denying the mind and body connection. However occasionally I would see someone who was suffering from a condition that I believed was almost entirely related to their thinking, their situation or the amount of stress they were experiencing. So with that in mind that I decided to look for a way to work with them at an emotional rather than physical level. And Hypnotherapy has proved to be the way.

I trained with The London College Of Clinical Hypnosis through to practitioner level and went  on to take a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. I have been practicing Hypnotherapy for over five years. I see people for a wide range of issues but with my own experience of stress and anxiety I have a particular interest in that area.

I have to say that I really love my job. Being a nutritionist and a hypnotherapist is so incredibly rewarding. It's not that I actually 'do' anything to anybody. I don't. I simply help people get to a place where they can make the changes that they need. And I give them the tools to do that by teaching them techniques and helping them to understand why they may be feeling the way they are feeling whether that be emotionally or physically. Because when it comes down to it all healing is self-healing.

During the last ten years I have gained a wealth of knowledge regarding the mind and body and am continuing to learn all the time. I have changed my diet beyond recognition and am enjoying a much healthier life as a result. I have also personally undergone periods of therapy which have positively changed my attitude to myself and to those around me. This is an ongoing process. It's important to put in to practice all that I have learned and when I do I feel the benefits. This works!

Part of my personal therapy involved writing a daily journal. I so enjoyed the process of writing that I don't seem to be able to stop! Hence this blog - which I am writing as a means of offering additional advice to my clients and to anyone else that may be interested. I hope you enjoy it.

Caroline x